In his innovative book The Time Cure, world-renowned psychologist Philip Zimbardo introduced a groundbreaking new therapeutic approach co-developed by Rosemary Sword and her late husband, Richard, that transforms the lives of people suffering from PTSD. Time Perspective Therapy shifts focus from the past to the present, from negative to positive, clearing the way for the best to come: the future.

Now, in Living and Loving Better with Time Perspective Therapy: Healing from the Past, Embracing the Present, Creating an Ideal Future, Zimbardo and Sword reveal how this method can help anyone living with depression, anxiety, and/or stress move beyond the negative experiences of the past toward a more positive future. Through their popular blog column (well over 1.5 million reads), Zimbardo and Sword discovered the hot button topics that concerned their readers. These issues -- from toxic relationships to the bullying epidemic currently sweeping our nation, from creating more romance in your sex life to how to be a better parent and live a happier, more meaningful life -- are explored in the book. Inspiring stories of real-life people are also shared.

Living and Loving Better is a powerful beacon of light for anyone searching for an effective way to cope with today’s problems so you can let go of the past, move forward to a brighter future, while living in a joyful present.


Note: Living and Loving Better will be published in the Polish Language by PWN and available in May 2018.