Philip Zimbardo, PhD, is internationally recognized as “the voice and face of contemporary psychology” through his widely viewed PBS-TV series, Discovering Psychology, his media appearances, his bestselling trade books, including The Time Paradox: Reconstructing the Past, Enjoying the Present, Mastering the Future (with John Boyd), and The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil, and his classic research, The Stanford Prison Experiment, now, a major motion picture.

Phil has been a Stanford University professor since 1968 (now emeritus), having taught previously at Yale, NYU, and Columbia University. He also continues to teach at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California (courses on the psychology of terrorism), and is professor at Palo Alto University, in California (teaching social psychology to clinical graduate students). Phil has been President of the American Psychological Association (2002), President of the Western Psychological Association (twice), Chair of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents (SCCP) and is now chair of the Western Psychological Foundation, as well as the Director of the Center of Interdisciplinary Policy, Education, and Research on Terrorism (CIPERT).

Phil has received numerous awards and honors as an educator, researcher, writer, media contributor, and for service to the profession of psychology. He has been awarded the Vaclav Havel Foundation Prize for his lifetime of research on the human condition as well as the American Psychological Association’s prestigious 2012 Gold Medal in Science Award. Among his more than 600 professional publications, including 60 trade and textbooks, is the oldest current textbook in psychology, Psychology and Life (currently in its 20th edition), and Core Concepts in Psychology, now in its seventh edition.

In recent years, Phil’s increasing interest in his time perspective theory lead him to consult with Rick and Rose Sword in regards to their development of his theory into an efficacious, therapy. Phil is coauthor of The Time Cure, and along with Rose, is coauthor Living and Loving Better with Time perspective Therapy: Healing from the Past, Embracing the Present, Creating an Ideal Future, as well as a popular Psychology Today Time Cure blog column.  He is Chief Consultant for Aetas: Mind Balancing Apps, an innovative and effective new way to help gain balance in our increasingly stressful, fast-paced world. Based on time perspective therapy, Aetas is  available at the iTunes/App Store (see LINKS page). Phil is also founder of The Heroic Imagination Project (HIP), a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and empowering individuals to take heroic action during crucial moments in their lives.  

Rosemary Sword is a time perspective therapist in private practice on the island of Maui. As part of her Hawaiian heritage, she was trained in the Hawaiian psychology based on forgiveness known as ho’oponopono (literally “to make right”); she has practiced this form of healing for 30 years. Along with her husband, Rick Sword (deceased) she developed time perspective therapy. Rose is coauthor of The Time Cure (with Phil and Rick) published in English, German, Russian, Chinese, and Polish, The Time Cure Therapist’s GuidebookTime Perspective Theory; Review, Research and Application, Essays in Honor of Philip G. Zimbardo, Living and Loving Better, McFarland November 2017, as well as coauthor of book chapters (A Mental Health Practitioner's Guide to Holistic Treatment, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump) and psychological journal articles.

Rose and Phil are coauthors of a popular Psychology Today blog column and have published over 80 time perspective therapy articles ranging from bullying and shyness to toxic relationships, and happiness versus living a meaningful life. Rose is founder/developer of Aetas, Mind Balancing Apps and Aetas 2 Minute Minute Meditations; apps that help those seeking a fast and effective way to reduce stress, gain focus, and live a more enjoyable life.

Recently, Rose and Phil teamed up with a Polish media corporation to develop the first of its kind: a time perspective therapy “nanodegree” (on-line certification.) After successful completion of the pilot project, there are now nearly 100 time perspective therapists in Poland and discussions are underway for the global expansion of the time perspective therapy nanodegree. Phil and Rose are also working with representatives of China to introduce them to the benefits of time perspective therapy.